About Bad Ass Advisors


Bad Ass Advisors is an invite-only network that matches experienced tech advisors to funded tech-related companies that reduce the time, paperwork, guesswork, happenstance and coincidence associated with making an advisory relationship work.

Founded in 2015, Bad Ass Advisors is a San Francisco-based organization owned by Gabba Hey LLC.

Bad Ass Advisors connect pre-qualified advisors, for free, to pre-qualified companies based on location, personality, background, availability, and a multitude of other factors.

Bad Ass Advisors is closely associated with the Advisors.Fund, a seed-stage (feeder) venture fund whose charter to fund great companies and entrepreneurs early in their evolution. Advisors.fund has close relationships with hundreds of other seed and later stage venture capitalists and works with them to directly help secure the capital for entrepreneurs who need it.

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What will my company get out of Bad Ass Advisors?

Finding an advisor that will stay with you for two years and dedicate their experiences and time to your company is no easy feat. We bridge that gap and bring it all together into a simple 3-step process (all for free, save the equity you'll directly pay your advisor).

If your company has received previous funding (outside of friends and family) and is based in North America and you are seeking an advisor--you should apply.

What do I get as an advisor?

Finding a company that fits your personality, expertise, and location can be above all time consuming and costly.

Bad Ass Advisors enables advisors to find, vet and finalize relationships with funded companies, matched to their profile and qualifications, quick and simple.

How can I find great advisors for my investments?

If you are an accelerator, Angel List syndicator or venture capitalist---getting your companies great advice is key. We make it easy to complement how you are helping your portfolio or cohort today.

Learn more about Bad Ass Advisors here, or just apply now to be an advisor or a company.

Our Team:

Founder Mark H Goldstein has advised over 75 firms over the past three decades, on top of founding and selling a dozen companies, working with venture firms, M&A specialists and investing in 75 firms as an angel investor.

Bad Ass Advisors brings his experiences and network together to help today's brightest entrepreneurs ideally not repeat the same mistakes he and others have made working on their own without advisors who have been there done that.

If you have any questions, email mark@badassadvisors.com

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